SAI VALLEY WORLD SCHOOL is situated at the sacred and serene confluence of river Sankh and Koel to take care of all the learning needs of children covering all the aspects of education. SVWS is the first Residential cum day boarding school of Smart City Rourkela that provides boarding facilities for the children not only around Rourkela but other areas and states nearby to it. We take care of the children in all possible ways giving them complete homely environment. The school is the revival of our ancient gurukul system.The Educational system and training at SVWS find its root developed in line with the Vedic values prevalent in ancient Gurukuls.The children in SVWS grow in open air in harmony with nature the branches, leaves, and flowers of the system reflect a proper blending of educational ideas and ideology taken from Swami Dayananda Saraswathi, Mahatma Gandhi, Sri Aurobindo and Gurudev Shri Rabindranath Tagore.
The students get up early in the morning at 5:30 am start their day with yoga, pranayama and other physical exercises. The stress-free environment under proper guidance of trained teachers and mentors help the students develop an impressive personality with right kind of character, leadership ability and business acumen.
After that they get ready for the school. The room in SVWS is spacious, well-furnished and fully Air-conditioned. We have caretakers and staff to take care of children to get them ready and take care of them as their parents. Then The students are taken to the school canteen for breakfast where we provide with vegetarian, hygienic, and healthy food. they attend the morning assembly then get back to their classes for studies. We train the students in such a way that they excel in their studies. SVWS works harder and is highly concerned about the career and future of the students. After the rigorous study hours, the students go back to the hostel to fresh them up and goes to the canteen for their lunch. After having their lunch, children take rest for some while. Later they go for the tutorials which is of two hours.
The teachers of SVWS are highly experience, qualified and devoted who help the pupil for the overall development. After the tuition classes they go back to the canteen to have evening snacks. They are sent to the playground for games like football, volleyball, cricket or else they enjoy the sunset relaxing in the open airin the evening.
The students of SVWS are trained in such a way that they not only remain happy and highly motivated but also keep their surroundings happy and motivated. Here they get ample scope and opportunities for the fullest expression of their hidden talents.
From 6:00 pm till 8:00 pm is the time for self-study where the students learn and finish their homework. SVWS provide teachers to help them during their Self-Study. Later they have the dinner and go back to their respective rooms to sleep. SVWS has separate hostel for both boys and girls. We have enough security guards and watchman. SVWS has a very safe environment. Beside we also provide quick medical aids to the children in emergency. They are also taken to hospital If required.
The stress-free educational environment at SVWS will build the students as world leaders and high achievers. The investment of parents on their wards at SVWS will give manifold returns in the years to come and our parents will be proud to have such a school for the holistic development of their wards.