Interact Club at Sai Valley World School

Interact club is Rotary SVWS service club for youth which provide support and guidance. The goal of interact club is to recognize and develop constructive leadership quality and personal integrity among students.

Interact Club of SVWS for the session 2019-2020 was installed on 2nd August, 2019 in the school campus. The Guests who visited SVWS to encourage the interact club members were President: -RTN. Samrat Agarwal, IIP: -Satish Agarwal, PP.RTN -Gilendra Prasad, PP.ITN: -Rakesh Goyal,Editor I/C Ankit Kedia.

The in charge of the Club Ms. Benazir Naaz instructed the former President Suraj Shaw (XII COM) to hand over their responsibility to the newly elected members. The new interested members for 2019-2020 :-

  • President: - ITR. Devanand Mandal (XI COM)
  • Vice President: - ITR. Aditya Vishwakarma (X)
  • Sect: -ITR. Riya Raj (IX)
  • Treasurer: -ITR. Prachi Mittal (IX)
  • Director: - ITR. Abhishek Kumar (IX), ITR. Gautam Rajinesh (IX), ITR. Ayush Sahu (IX), PP.RTN S.K BISWAS was the Club Advisor. The Guests congratulated the charter President and members of the interact Club of SVWS.

The members who attended the meeting to encourage the interactors were Principal Mrs. Mamta Naik (SVWS)