Saraswati Puja at Sai Valley World School

Saraswati Puja was celebrated at Sai Valley World School campus on 30th January, 2020. It is celebrated on Basant Panchami that marks the beginning of the spring season. It is also celebrated in school for the children to inculcate religious and ethical values. Lordess Saraswati is worshipped to bless the children with wisdom and knowledge. The priest Mr. Rabi Dubey performed the puja and rituals. All the staff members and students participated in the rituals. Verses, Hymns & mantras were spelt by the all. Administrator Mr. Sujeet Kumar Biswas, Principal Mrs. Mamta Naik & Vice Principal Mr. Bhagaban Padhi were present. At last prasad was distributed and everyone took the blessings of Goddess Saraswati.